4 Reasons Why You Should Plant Your Own Garden

Growing your own foods can eliminate a variety of health concerns. More importantly, it puts your mind at ease as home-grown foods are free of all adulteration. lawn maintenance perth can be a fun activity that brings the family together and also imparts knowledge about patience and nurturing. One cannot ignore the financial and health benefits of planting your own garden either, so we put together a list of reasons why you should plant your own garden and reap the benefits!

More delicious, more nutritious

Juicy, fresh strawberries picked from homegrown trees undoubtedly taste much better than the one lying on racks in stores for hours. Who could argue otherwise? The food you and plants you grow yourself are always better. Fruits and vegetables taste better when it is picked fresh and it is also less likely to go to waste as in case of massive food chains. This is also because produce grown in your garden tastes better too! With other flora and fauna, they bloom better as you are consistently present to water them and ensure plenty of sunlight.
Your diet is also healthier and more diverse when you choose to grow your own food. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Remember, food in its rawest, freshest form has a lot more nutritional value than canned or store bought produce. Furthermore, once distributed to a variety of chains, fresh produce can be stored on the shelf for extended periods of time before it is purchased, losing nutritional value.

It is environmentally friendly

Growing your own produce is not just beneficial for your health but it is also advantageous for the environment. Organically grown produce significantly reduces air and water pollution since it does not require chemically drenched pesticides and herbicides. There is a decrease in food wastage as well as you grow just what you need. In stores around the world, food that has not been bought is thrown away rather than distributed to the less fortunate.

Home-grown produce also does not need to be transported from the farm to the supermarket, significantly reducing transportation costs and air pollution as planes, trains, trucks and ships will not be used to bring the items to your location. Lastly, no plastic or environmentally harmful packaging is used for home-grown foods.

It saves money and resources

There are a multitude of ways in which home-grown foods can lead to financial savings. Your grocery shopping list is bound to shorten when you are growing half the items on the list in your back or front yard. Having fresh fruit and vegetables readily available in your garden ensures quality and saves you valuable time and money, which would otherwise be spent on store bought produce with half the nutritional value.

It is fun and brings people together

Growing something new every day can be a fun activity for you and the rest of the family, especially during summer break or other holidays. Not only does it help teach the young ones compassion, patience and knowledge of vegetation, but it also gives you and your family a great way to spend time together in a productive activity. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to spend leisure time and it provides education, exercise and great, healthy food. You could plant all sorts of produce, flora and fauna in your garden and check for progress. The nurturing process is fulfilling, fun and deeply educational.