Roof construction and protection: insulation, protection from wind and temperature losses

For fixing wooden beams on concrete (cracked and non-cracked) we recommend the use of the anchor W-SA TC . This allows to make “invisible” anchors as it is possible to hide the anchor point by means of wooden caps, unlike a traditional mechanical anchor in which the head or nut remains visible.

Furthermore, if the traditional anchor is stressed only in the head with this Würth anchor the stress is distributed along the entire length.

Among the joints for wooden beams : anchoring shoes, anchors for wooden beams, corner fixing plates, corner plates for fixing on concrete, double-reinforced corner joints for load-bearing elements.

The Sendzimir galvanization is the most galvanizing used for joints, plates and brackets. It is a type of hot-dip galvanizing that offers cathodic protection, which protects against corrosion even if for any reason (bumps, scratches) the coating is damaged (healing effect).

In the construction of the roof an important phase is the laying of the sheets . The main function of the breathable sheets and of the brakes when the steam passes is to prevent the formation of harmful condensation inside the insulating package : limiting the quantity of steam that passes through the insulating package (brakes) and promoting their rapid expulsion towards the outside (breathable).

By correctly applying the stratigraphy from the inside to the outside in the roof construction, you will have the security of not having any condensation in the insulating package which will remain dry, efficient and long-lasting. The Wütop program is dedicated to roof protection products and includes sheets: